Darts League Rules - (2018) -
No. General Rules.
Matches must start at 8.30pm.
All games to be played in a friendly and sporting manner. Any disputes to be settled amicably on the evening by the two captains.
Teams may consist of any number of players, between 4 and 8.
2 Matches consist of four games of singles, followed by two games of doubles. The winning team of each game scores one point.
3 The Match ends with a game of "1001", in which all members of both teams play in alternation. The winning team scores one further point.
4 Each game will be started by the players throwing one dart - witrh the player whose dart lies nearest to the bull being the first to throw.
5 All games must be concluded by throwing a "double", a "twenty five" or a "bull" to score the exact amount remaining.
6 If both players require a double one to finish, then after two further attempts each, darts landing outside the double one will not score. (ie. Players will not go "bust")