By What Divine Right?

In the politics of feudal times no voters had a say, for Monarchs then were absolute and few dared block their way.

Except, of course, a duke or king disputing by what right another monarch did affront his privilege and might.

But lodged within each monarch’s head was the knowledge, clear and sure, that if neither monarch did give way the outcome would be war.

So envoys came, and envoys went, to seek out by what grace of marriage, or of compromise, each monarch could save face.

Full battle was a last resort. No monarch need be told that if he lost in field of war it was his head that rolled.

But nowadays democracy has put well paid to that. Our politicians glory in affront and counter-spat.

Now envoys come, and envoys go, demanding every right, for politicians always know it won’t be they who fight.

They send their minions out to war with words that echo glory, knowing it will not be they who die in battle gory.

And when the casualties roll in they all pontificate. “He made a noble sacrifice - be proud”, they resonate.

“For others,” you will hear them say, “His life he nobly gave.” Then arrange a TV shot to show them grieving at his grave.

That’s why I ask you all to heed my message, loud and clear. In the name of innocents who died let’s impeach Bush and Blair.

Who blamed opponents vehemently and told them that they lied, until truthful David Kelly* committed suicide.

Their hearts and minds were set on war, the facts were not revised. Had they themselves been under risk they might have compromised.

But they never sought to compromise and with half-truths misled, so like the olden monarchs they should also risk their head.

We should send them to the battle front and make them face the fight; risk maim and death, like those they sent: For surely, that’s our right?

Petter Finne
copyright 16.02.2010

* Lord Hutton ruled that the post mortem results on David Kelly’s body be kept secret for 70 years. Why??
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