Dangerously Habitual Life

Have you ever trapped your scrotum in the zipper of your trews?
Did tears suffuse your eyeballs? Did you yodel out the blues?
Did you wish you’d paid attention when you zipped your trousers tight,
And not trusted on past practice that again you’d get it right?

The lesson to be learned from this applies to all your life.
“Don’t rely on auto-pilot”. For example, with your wife
Don’t murmur bland agreement as she gaily chats away;
You might find you’ve promised faithfully her mum can come and stay.

When driving down your driveway, as you get towards the end,
There’s never any traffic coming from around the bend.
So you pull out sooner daily, traffic never seems to pass,
And then one day a bloody bus comes blaring up your arse.

Do you like to visit bars and chat; relax without a care;
Swap stories with your mates in there, while supping on a beer?
Do they brag about their conquest of a lass who got no quarter?
Beware! The lass in question might one day be your daughter.

So don’t trust to daily habit, don’t lower your defense,
Like those scrota-scrunching zippers, danger lurks in confidence.
Heed well these words of wisdom guys. “No matter what befalls,
Each time a man’s unwary, .. life gets him by the balls!”
Petter Finne
copyright. 18.02.2010
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