A Hundred Virgins

Paradise Gained

He felt dazed, .. numb, .. unreal, as in a dream, .. yet at peace. No, not peaceful, relaxed ... or was it relieved? ... The way one feels when a monumental task has finally been completed and one can at last relax with all pressure off. That was it; mission accomplished, .. objective achieved

As more consciousness returned, snippets of memory filtered back. His learned and respected teacher, reading from the Holy Book and explaining its hidden meanings. How, when he felt there were contradictions, his mentor would patiently explain why he was wrong, why he should have faith in the mentor’s teachings. How those who protectedThe True Faithwould be justly rewarded. How those who did not profess toThe True Faithwere enemies who were unworthy of any consideration. Enemies who should be eliminated in the manner one exterminated vermin. HowA True Believerwho so nobly gave his life in pursuit of the destruction of the enemies ofThe True Faithwould be justly rewarded in Paradise. Indeed, how such a personal sacrifice would merit the finest surroundings in Paradise and perpetual attendance by a hundred virgins.

More memories returned. .. Of the video as he spoke of his suicide mission. .. Of the bulky packages concealed about his body. .. of advancing, in trepidation but with firm resolve, towards the hated vermin. .. Of the special detonator device in his hand. Then heat, .. and light, .. and pressure, .. but no pain. Just as his mentor had told him, his passage to Paradise had been too rapid for pain, which takes time to set in. .

Yes! He must have arrived in Paradise! Here he would receive his just reward for his great deed. Relaxed and contented, he dozed for a while.

Later, he fully awoke. Soft, sensuous music surrounded him. He felt a soft hand caress his head and he opened his eyes. He was on a great bed, draped with the finest silks. Before him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was entirely clad in whispy, white satin, so fine he could even discern the beauty of her unblemished flesh beneath the shimmering cloth. Her young body was rounded, but not overly so. Her face was that of a sensuous angel. Her expression was seductive yet teasing. Beside her was another woman, .. and another, .. and another .. all alluringly different. They uttered soothing words as they bent to kiss him gently. He held them in his arms and pressed their bodies to his - feeling the firmness of their unsullied bodies yielding towards him, trembling. He reclined upon the luxurious bed, stroking the hanging silks, and laughed. His mentor had spoken wisely - he was indeed in a Paradise fit for one who had made such a great sacrifice!

He reached for the nearest maiden and she came to him. He kissed her and she trembled at his touch, hardly daring to breathe as he slowly began to caress her body with his lips. Gently at first, and then ever more feverishly, he kissed her neck and then her breasts. He stroked her belly and then slowly his hands moved lower. She moaned and trembled and he felt the surges of power in his manhood. Teasingly he peeled the fine satin from her and began to kiss and caress her most secret places. She trembled and yielded before him, a fruit ripe to be plucked. Now he feverishly removed his own garments and lay astride as he prepared to savour the fruit.

“No!” She gasped, “You must not.”

Taken aback, he asked the reason. “For are you not part of my reward? Are you not one of the hundred virgins I was promised?”

“Indeed sire, I am one of those virgins. My lien, as is that of all the other virgins, is to you. But consider, if we made love you would have the attentions of only ninety nine virgins and therefore would not have your full reward. For this reason I am constrained to remain a virgin.”

She caressed and stroked him, but the frustration in his body could not be appeased. He turned his attentions to another of the maidens, and then to another, all to no avail. With each rejection his frustration grew. The deep ache within his loins became unbearable, made worse by the constant ministrations of a hundred nubile and attentive virgins. He could not push them away as they kissed and caressed every intimate part of his being, until agonising cramp washed over him and he cried out for mercy, calling out “Is this fair? I, who gave my life toThe True Faith,should not suffer so.”

Suddenly, a great Presence filled the room, and words formed upon the air. “I am theGreat Creator,but you may call me what you will. Tell me, why are you troubled?”

“Sire. When I made my great and noble sacrifice I was promised a fitting reward.”

“And you have it, the reward of a murderer.”

“That cannot be! My mentor explained how you wereThe One And Only Truth,and how all other faiths were false, as were the unbelievers who adhered to them. My duty was to kill such vermin.”

Words again filled the room. “Those whom I have created have given me many names - each name sacred to their own tribe - even though many despise me when they hear my name spoken as that which was given to me by another tribe. Some teachers are devout, but there are self-seeking teachers who are great hypocrites - praising me, whilst inciting intolerance towards others - towards others who are also my own creation!You slaughtered two dozen of my creations and maimed a hundred and twenty six more.”

“So, my mentor deceived me. I am inHell!

“No. Your mentor partially spoke the truth, for there is noHell,Indeed all the people I have created eventually come to HeavenorParadise,call it whatever you will.But this place has an infinity of spaces, each created according to people's lives upon my Earth.”

“And must I spend eternity in the trappings of luxury, unable to enjoy them? Without a doubt, I am suffering much unbearable frustration and anguish.”

“That is a just reward for your callous deed.”

“But does it not mean that, in order to make me suffer, these virgins do not enjoy their time in Paradise?”

The Words formed for the final time. “You have not yet understood. In exactly the same way as I have changed your appearance to be repulsively ugly and have given your body an abominably foul odour, so too were these women changed when they came to my realm. I restored them to virginity. I restored their youth. I gave them desirable, unblemished bodies and a sexuality such that any man would be in their thrall. Yes. Everyone is justly rewarded for the life they led when upon my Earth. ... and for these hundred deceitful and avaricious charlatans, who beguiled so many out of their rightful possessions,youare my just reward.”

intellectual property of :-
Petter Finne. June 6th, 2009.

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