In Search of Truth

Earthquakes, plagues and conflagrations
Ripped apart earth’s diverse nations

As disasters fell from “up above”.
The “good book” told me “God is love”.

Disillusioned, I sought out truth,
With the zeal and passion of my youth.

In search of truth I hugged a tree
But did not find a deity.

I meditated long and deep,
And found the path - to fall asleep.

Everywhere lies mystery,
Lies lies about reality.

Men seek the truth in faith but find
The dogma that lets blind lead blind.

The prophets of old were goodly men
With philosophies based on what was known ... then.

But the wrathful God of Abraham
Has caused more hate than any can.

Without such Gods (of man’s invention)
The world would have far less contention.

The greatest religious intoleration
Is the intolerance in a religious nation.

We need good men to tell us to
Do unto others as they should you.

But not fanatics of such conviction
They dictate death for contradiction

Perhaps if we can lay to rest
Fanatic faith, it would be best.

Reject the theories of godly creation:
Priests, Rabbis or Mullahs who cry “Damnation.”

But accept the caring people who
Devote their lives to faith - in you.

Rather than “God”, a better solution
Should be sought in the theory of evolution.

copyright. 01.02.2010, Petter Finne
This poem, and the comment below, may be freely reproduced, provided the above author is given credit.

I know it's a contradiction, but if a resurrection were to take place there would be an awful lot of new atheists around!
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