My Marital Duty

My duty is to be chastised.
‘Tis why she married me.
‘Twould be churlish should I not comply
And deprive her of such glee.

I leave the toilet seat upraised,
For it gives her such a thrill
To gripe and groan and screech at me
With all her female skill.

My hearing, it is quite acute.
It takes practice not to hear
Concise commands, uttered only
Inches from the ear.

When late at night I come home drunk
‘Tis only so that she
Can put a “fatwa” on my soul
For all eternity.

I forego the gardening so that she,
With wifely artifice,
May pour her scorn upon me.
‘Tis a minor sacrifice.

And once the gardening’s not been done
I leave a muddy trail.
So that she may take delight in yet
Another nagging wail.

My dedication knows no bounds
In bedroom, lounge or hall,
For I know she loves me all the more
When I drive her up the wall.

Petter Finne
copyright. 28.01.2010

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