The Onion of Corruption: written December, 2011

Whole Onions Words starting with "un" are usually pronounced as in the start of the word "undone". Hence, the word union should logically be pronounced as "onion",
.... especially for certain instances of unions!

I particularly have in mind a large disorganisation which presumes to dictate how citizens of almost all the states of Western Europe should live. It has a massive budget, yet constantly seeks justifications to increase it, and is so badly set up and run that the entire system is wide open to corruption and graft. Therefore most of this disorganisation harbours these two evils. It is overloaded with committees and quangos which spend more time attending to the politics of their task, and with committee bosses fixated on ensuring themselves perpetual "job security", rather than in successfully completing the tasks themselves, because at that point they would be no longer required! Furthermore, most of its bodies are themselves split up and have venues in at least two countries, seldom adjacent, such as in London and Athens.

This geographical scattering is justified, misguidedly, as allowing every member state of the union to get an equal guzzle from the trough, and senior members of each body spend a fortune travelling between these venues, all expenses paid. Each venue of every committee and quango of this Europe wide body needs its local co-ordinators, researchers, and "personal assistants" - some are very personal! The only consistent thing amongst these bodies is that they consistently over-run their budgets! Small wonder ineptitude, corruption and graft are so rife.

That is why I propose that we stop calling it the European Union and instead spell it to comply with the more common pronounciation, namely "The European Onion", on the grounds that the more you slice into it, the more it brings tears to the eyes!

Cut Onions

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