The Shia hates the Alawite, the Sunni hates the two,
The Protestant hates the Catholic and they all despise the Jew.
That's a great exageration, yet it holds a grain of truth
For some religious nations indoctrinate their youth
And won't allow dissension or another's point of view
But doggedly declare that only what they preach is true.
They each agree there's but one God; yet insist the only way
To pay the homage he is due is pray the way they pray.

Were you travelling in a circle, would it matter where you start?
As you travel all around it you will still pass by each part.
Itineraries differ but the views remain the same
And what you call each section is no more than but a name.
I feel this circle concept can encompass all those creeds
Which uphold moral values to attend society’s needs.
Their deities may differ, their paths seem to diverge:
My friend, continue onwards and their moral concepts merge.

Circles can hold circles, the line around can bend;
There will even come a point where Gods exist no more my friend.
Truth is not truth on hearsay, or because I swear I'm right;
Would you, dear friend, believe me if I swore that black was white?
But black and white, and brown, and more are very much the same
When we’re talking of the human race. “Good” is another name
For moral human values. Why bring good men to grief?
They too uphold high values, though they differ in belief.

Petter Finne
copyright 08.07.2014
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