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Mojacar Pueblo 1997
Entertainer           Founded in April, 1985. It is nowadays a constantly updated blog on local happenings and well worth reading.
The Advertiser     A Monthly Magazine based on Mojacar. An ofshoot of the Talisman Group magazines, founded in May 1984.
El Pais                 This is the English language version of one of Spain's national daily papers, It has a strong socialist bias.
The Olive Press   A "real" investigative newspaper in English, covering Andalucia. Probably everything the Euro Weekly is not.
Spanish Shilling   A lighthearted "sister blog" to The Entertainer on line, but not updated as frequently.
David Jackson's blog spot   A Los Gallardos based blog, that could just as easily be called an on-line magazine! Good read!
Euro Weekly       A Weekly that owes its origins to The Entertainer, the original English language paper for the entire Spanish Coast.
Sol Times           A fortnightly paper, produced in the Albox area. Has ads thinly disguised as articles & little truly local news.
The Focus           A Mojacar based monthly magazine cum business directory, in A5 format.

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