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The first person in the world to make and demonstrate a
self-sustaining gas turbine engine was neither
Sir Frank Whittle of Britain nor Hans von Ohain of Germany
so who was it Query
Everybody loves a banana.
(by the way, it's not a tree, it's a herb!)
The plant is indigenous to which of these countries?
Central America Query
South Africa Query
Northern Australia Query
Norway was first, Britain was second, to reach the South pole.
Nowadays there is a permanent international contingent there.
If you were there, how many feet above sea level would you be?
507 Query     6,053 Query     9,301 Query
If you were standing on the shores of Lake Assal in Djibouti (it's between Somalia and Eritrea) what would be your altitude? (To the nearest 100 feet) Check it out Query
Leaving aside "ponds", what is the most saline lake in the world?
(You certainly don't need a life-jacket to stay afloat in it!)
Check it out Query
What is the present day name of the ancient
Phoenician / Greek settlement of Murgis-Akra?
Check it out Query
What is the name of the New Zealander, son of a sheep farmer,
who was the first person to demonstrably split the atom?
Hint: He won the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1908 and it was in a lab at Manchester’s Victoria University that he he split the atom
using nuclear fission to change nitrogen into oxygen - in 1917.
Who was he Query
Please read the "Milestones" section of the answer. This man was amazing!
A violin has four strings, the lowest (deepest note) string is the “G” string.
What is the second lowest?
A Query     D Query     E Query
Provided you are well away from the effects of any ocean currents and at the same altitude, etc. where would you expect the winter season to be colder. Tropic of Cancer Query Tropic of Capricorn Query
Can you name the African Lake that is over 2,500 feet above sea level at the surface, but so deep that it's almost 2,200 feet below sea level at its bottom.. Check it out Query
How many English words, according to the concise Oxford dictionary, start with the letters c-o-m-i? (excluding compound words, abbreviations and derivatives obtained by adding letters such as “al” or “s” to the end.) 5 Query     7 Query     11 Query