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Mojacar Pueblo 1997
A. U. A. N.         "Abusos Unbanisticos Almanzora No" Dedicated to solving the problem of legalising illegal properties.
Cortijo Urra         A Guest House and a Field Study Centre near Sorbas (some web design glitches!)
Ric Polansky       Tales and photos from an "old Timer". Includes excellent action shots during bullfights. (some bandwidth problems)
Costa Almeria Tours     Guided visits to local sites and events - plus a great deal more!
Mojacar on line   A website based on Mojacar ("commercial")
Mojacar com       A commercial website based on Mojacar which seems to be updated rarely!)
Simply Mojacar   A website based on Mojacar that seems to be desperately out of date! (5 years?)
Bay radio             An English language commercial radio station. (Covers a wide area, not just Almeria!)
Spectrum radio   A popular English language commercial radio station.
Villas in Mojacar  Villa & Apartment rental
Golfing Holiday Packages (erratic availability)
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