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EVENTS, etc.
"One-Off" EVENTS
(Dates for your diary)
On Saturday, December 3rd
there will be a
Hollywood Glitter Gala.
at The Irish Rover.
to raise funds for
Leo, "the Lion"

On Tuesday/Wednesday, December 6th/7th
there will be a
Christmas Fair
Fashion Show event

A marquee next to Neptuno Beach Bar

from 11.30am to 7.30 pm (approx)

Let me know if you have an event - inclusion is free!

Fancy a night out?
On the 2nd Tuesday morning of each month there is a used book sale in aid of PAWS at The Beachcomber.

Live entertainment with
DJ "the legend" Ian at El meson que faltaba. (Bar Thomas)

Local area pool knockout matches. see here for details

From 8pm onwards, local Spanish and non-Spanish people meet in Bar Malecon Garrucha, (No 188, next to pizzeria Gondola) to talk and improve each others language skills. Just roll up and introduce yourselves, all are welcome, at any level of language!

Motown Night in the Irish Rover.

From 9pm. there is live, music at The Emerald Isle, with Ashley and Danius playing acoustic, Spanish Guitars..

An informal "old timers'" night at The Cave Bar. (I'm usually there!)

starting at 10.30 am, there is a Computer class in The Beachcomber. This is followed by a midday "Questions" session where anyone can ask Mark to explain problems.

Live entertainment with
DJ "the legend" Ian at Mi Taberna.

Live entertainment with
DJ "the legend" Ian at El meson que faltaba. (Bar Thomas)

Let me know if you have an event

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in store weather-wise?

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The following is extracted from the Facebook page of Mickeila Parsons:-

I have set myself a new challenge, I am walking/running from Carboneras to Villaricos(28km). I am looking for people to sponsor me in aid of a local boy who is only 3 years old who has fought through two very rare, aggressive, cancerous brain tumors. This little lion has gone through two major brain operations and intensive chemotherapy. He has also fought off septicemia which attacked his lungs and liver.
He now has hemiplegia which means he is partially paralysed on the right hand side. He has loss of speech and a lot of brain damage so please, please sponsor me on my endurance challenge to raise much needed funds to help his family with his care and rehabilitation. (If any body would like to join me, that is also very much welcomed).
This little boy is such a warrior so please, please people SPONSOR ME........... pop into Bar La plaza in Villaricos. Leo holds such a special place in my heart as I myself have lost a child. There is no pain like it. So come on you wonderful, beautiful people - dig deep lol

Mickeila, and those who joined her, successfully completed the walk on Saturday, November 26th.
However, Leo still needs a lot of supporting. photo - Poster for Irish Rover
That is why the Irish Rover is holding a gala event on Saturday, 3rd December.
photo - walkers at Big Fat Momma's
Mickeila and her accomplices took a breather at Big Fat Momma's bar, by which point they were almost an hour ahead of schedule.

photo - Leo and his sister photo - Mickeila near Garrucha (above, left) Leo "The Lion, with his caring sister. (above right) Mickeila, on the right, as she reached the outskirts of Garrucha, well ahead of schedule and still going strongly.
The event raised an amazing 5,368 euros and 82 cents for Leo The Lion's fund. However, Leo's latest MRI scan shows the tumout has returned and is about 1 cm in size, and growing.
The scan has been sent to various hospitals, including the Prague Proton Therapy Centre. However, this means far more funding is needed than has so far been raised locally. If you would like to contribute, from wherever you are, you can do do so on the "Go Fund me" website and also read more about Leo by clicking here ... Time is critical.
The Beachcomber restaurant is shut for holidays, followed by a thorough "re-vamp", including menu changes. It will re-open with a gala New Year's Eve event.
True to form, whilst much of Spain, including Almeria city and Murcia, have been suffering floods this area is still crying out for rain. Although there have been overcast days and the occasional sound of thunder, the actual amount of rain that has fallen in Mojacar (so far) since the middle of November is only three quarters of an inch
UPDATE On the last night of November Mojacar finally got some "decent" rainfall when 42 litres fell per square metre. This translates to 1.65 inches (one and two thirds inches), which added to the previous rain makes 2.4 inches. The long term average for Mojacar is around 11 inches per year, putting it just outside the "desert" classification. Areas with a long term (10 year average) rainfall of below 10 inches fall into the desert category.
Photo- Paws Xmas Fair
On Saturday, November 26th, the Paws Christmas Fair was held, as usual, in the grounds of The Arias riding stables on Mojacar Playa.

when there was a LO .. O . O .. ONG gap in updates

Sadly, "Cowboy" Kenny's fine dining establishment, the Cowboy Cocina, has closed. Hopefully, if Kenny can find a suitable, alternative venue it will eventually re-open.
Shortly before "The Cowboy" closed, it was the venue for the Mojacar blessing of the wedding of old timers Roger "rabbit" Page to Sandra Rennie. (see photo on right.)
In July, The Ankara beach bar was the venue for the blessing of the marriage of Clare Barker to Carl Simpson.
Clare and Carl, who left Mojacar a few years ago and now live in Australia, especially returned in order to celebrate their marriage amongst their Mojacar family and friends. (see photo below)
With Clare and Carl is their son Mason, and on the right is Carl's mother, Marian.


In 1988 I was invited to a party at the home of the late Elaine Kenyon. One of the tid-bits on the buffet table were grilled chicken wings. They were really crispy on the outside and wonderful to eat. I praised them to Elaine and she told me her secret.
They were cooked in a "Churasquero". She explained how it was done and told me they were available from some traders at local street markets. I've never been without one since.
If you've never seen a Churasquero click the image on the right to find out how they work. They are not so common as they once were, but they are still available from some traditional, Spanish street traders selling kitchen goods.
Spanish bacon is tasty, but the trouble with most of the Spanish bacon on sale in supermarkets is that it is extremely fatty. The "La Selva" brand is a perfect example of this problem. You can, of course, get "English style" bacon but, like English bacon itself, it is rather "watery".
However, "Carrefour" bacon - available at the Mojacar fuel station at 1.45 a packet - is neither watery nor very fatty. What's more, it cooks beautifully in a microvave oven. I like to give it a "70/70" cooking. (700 watts for 70 seconds). If you like it crispy, give it the "80/90" treatment!
Just to amuse myself (well, sometimes I revert to my childhood!) I wasted time taking a series of photos whilst I was making my breakfast. I then wasted about 3 more hours creating the instructional video to the right. The music is a clip from "How Lovely Cooks The Meat" sung by Frankie Lane and Doris Day. Yes! I'm that old!!
Mojajar Village, seen from the fuente A fantastic drone shot of Mojacar Village
Garrucha Harbour and Waterfront
How's this for a drone photo of Garrucha's Waterfront?
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