A Lesser known Cancer

Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia may show no symptoms.
However, there are some clues to its possible presence, such as:-

Unexplained weight loss, despite eating normally.

Unexplained bouts of fatigue and a desire to sleep

Unexplained headaches or dizziness, not always severe.

Blurred or "dancing" vision or blind spots. Usually clearing away soon.

Fevers (or cold-like symptoms that persist)

Sometimes having a blood shot eye

Easily acquired bruises, which may sometimes bleed

A swollen belly, irregular bowel or diarhoea

Occasional "Pins and Needles" in your feet or legs.

Over-sensitivity to cold, with pain and a bluish colour in extremities

If you have some of these symptoms (It does not have to be all.) then you should consider having a blood test for abnormal levels of the IgM antibody.

Damocles Sword Click the image for more information

This lesser known cancer can take some years before strong symptoms show up.
There are palliative treatments and 87% of sufferers survive more than 5 years after early diagnosis .....
........ but no cure has ever been found. Inevitably, sooner or later your body will succumb ...........
.......... ........ and, ironically, because it is a cancer of the immune system, something else may kill you first!
It really is like the "Sword of Damocles"